New Music Gathering

New Music Gathering is an annual three-day conference dedicated to the performance, production, promotion, support and creation of new concert music.

With concerts, lecture/recitals, roundtable discussions, talks, and everything from composer-performer “speed dating,” to live action role playing games, NMG aims to be both a conference in the traditional sense but also quite literally a collective place for things to grow, improve, solidify, and above all get personal!

"a reunion for friends who had never met each other"

- Rob Deemer (New Music Box, 2015)

"Every conference should be at least half as productive as this one.

The recipe: bring together a bunch of people who love what they do and are committed to doing it more and better. Give them a safe forum to talk about what they know, and how they do, and encourage many questions. Create spaces where they can discover kindred spirits with the purpose of future collaboration. Avoid sales and pitches. Be supportive. Make the goal to advance the collective goal. Rejoice. Eat. Listen. And then sleep."

- Shaya Lyon (New Music Box, 2015)

“staunchly noncommercial”

- Allan Kozinn (Wall Street Journal, 2016)