Q: What the heck is this thing? What is "New Music?"

A: Check out our mission statement!

Q: What is "New Music?"

A: If it's trying something new with sound and it KNOWS that's it's trying something new with sound, then it's New Music! Conscious experimentation is key.

Q: I don’t write/read music, but I make New Music. Should I apply?

A: For sure! Do it now!!

Q: Ok, but how is the structure of NMG different from other music conferences?

A: We’re trying to take our favorite aspects of a conference (the meeting of minds, the fruitful discussions, the engagement with contemporary issues) and discard our less-favorite aspects (the trade-show atmosphere, the focus on self-promotion, the vendor fair vibe). Ultimately we want it to be a place for music-minded people of all stripes to meet and share ideas.

Q: But am I still encouraged to represent and promote my own music/ensemble/organization?

A: Absolutely! We’ll be organizing unique meetings and social events that encourage attendees to share what their practices and orgs are all about and to share their wisdom and experiences with other creative folks.

Q: Can I make more than one proposal?

A: Absolutely! Just fill out an individual proposal for each of your different ideas.

Q: What if what I want to propose doesn't line up in my mind with this year's theme... can I still apply?

A: Yes! The theme is a suggestion to spark ideas and conversations and ways of seeing the work we do, but it isn't a prerequisite. Send it all our way!

Q: Can I attend an NMG if I don't submit a proposal? or if my proposal isn't accepted this year?

A: Absolutely! We'll be posting a registration link on the website shortly after our application is closed.

Q: What will I take away from the New Music Gathering?

A: We hope that people will come away from NMG with a feeling of having greatly learned from their fellow new music makers and thinkers, and with the satisfaction of having imparted their own ideas and sounds to others, in a spirit of mutual support and friendship, so that everyone will return to working on their own projects with a new-found sense of excitement and creative vigor.

Also, they’ll have had a kick-ass time seeing a ton of great music and meeting a ton of great people.

Q: Ok, that’s all well and good, but it’s sounding a little wishy-washy artsy fartsy to me. What specifically will the NMG entail?

A: Generally, each day has been organized with a series of presentations, short concerts, and discussions earlier in the day and a longer concert in the evening. Performances / discussions / presentations / activities will run a wide gamut of sounds and affects and cover a broad range of topics and formats, with a special focus on each year’s theme (previous themes have included "Artist-led Ensembles," "Community," "Support," "Accessibility," “Local Action,” and "Money?").

Q: Who took all these fabulous photos on your site?

A: We love the NMG photographers! All of the photos you see on this site were taken by Tina Tallon of SALT Arts Documentation and Austin Eamnarangkool, who are amazing.

Q: Who made those gorgeous graphics for NMG 2020 and NMG 2021?

A: That'd be the amazing graphic designer Derick Joel Santana. He's THE BEST.

Q: I'm from out of town - do I really have to shell out for an expensive hotel room to be part of this crazy thing?

A: We know it can be a huge financial burden to travel and find accomodation in a far away place. We always share and promote a New Music Gathering ride/couch sharing group on Facebook to see if folks can help each other lessen those costs a bit. We are hoping to offer a travel grants program for those who could not otherwise attend NMG, and we are always brainstorming ways for safe hospitality given circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Check our website for updates on that funding! If there are any specific questions you have (or ideas you'd like to share!) about how we can make New Music Gathering more accessible and affordable, please be in touch!

Q: How do I get in touch?

A: If you have a question or comment, you can email us directly at newmusicgathering@gmail.com. (Please don't use the personal email accounts / phone numbers / mailing addresses of any of the organizers! It gets so confusing so quickly.)

Q: I applied to previous Gatherings and wasn't chosen to participate – clearly my music is the worst / clearly NMG is excluding me on purpose / clearly I shouldn't apply ever again.

A: APPLY NOWWWWWW! We wish we had room to include every application's ideas, but we don't. There are so many reasons why we can’t fit in fantastic proposals every year: technical resources, programming compatibility, budgeting feasibility...you get the idea. Several presentations that came to light and knocked our socks off at an NMG had to go in the pile a few rounds before they found their home on a program!. (PS. We think you shouldn't ever EVER take an organization's acceptance/decline of your ideas as a measure of their value!)

Q: Does it cost anything to apply?

A: Costs no money to apply! Costs… maaaaybe 15 minutes of your time?

Q: Does it cost anything to attend?

A: New Music Gathering application, participation, attendance, and superfandom is all entirely free.

Q: Will NMG be in person or online?

A: Due to the complex nature of the COVID-19 pandemic...we don't know! We're hoping to have NMG in person this year. Our 2020 NMG featured talks and panels over Zoom and concerts of pre-recorded video. NMG 2021 included live streaming from socially-distanced halls. For NMG 2023, we're currently planning to have an in-person event, with the option for live-streaming attendance. We’ll give updates as soon as we can via our website and social media platforms.

Q: This looks cool, but I'm not really sure New Music Gathering would be interested in the stuff I do.

A: APPLY NOWWWWWW! We tried to keep the application as quick and painless as possible, so you don't stand to lose much time by sharing your musical ideas with us! Grab a cookie and cozy up to the Application page, why don't you...