Weird year, huh? And Delta’s just making it weirder. Please know that ALL of our events are being streamed online (the schedule page will have links the day of the event). If you’re going to be with us in St Paul, know that the stream will be playing live in an open tent outdoors on Landmark Plaza on the 12th and 13th, and in Mears Park on the 14th. We’re also taking temperatures and requiring masks be worn at ALL indoor events.

On a more fun note, we’ll be using this year for online hangs after events. If you don’t know this platform, think of it as a combination of your favorite 2D video game from the 80’s and a social video chatting platform. Come and chat with the organizers and artists and presenters and each other! More info on that in a week or so..

Access to all streaming events and hangs is free with registration – why not register right now?

We know gathering is trickier than ever right now but, whether corporeally or cybernetically, gathering to celebrate great music feels more critical and sustaining than ever. We hope you’ll join us!

Free registration for NMG2021 will provide you with the password to all events held over the Zoom and Gather.Town platforms. Register by completing the form below – the password will be sent to the email address you provide.

Physical admittance to our St. Paul programming in Landmark Center, Landmark Plaza, Studio Z, and Mears Park will not require registration. St. Paul events will be livestreamed over Zoom and YouTube platforms.

An online gathering space to visit between and during NMG events will be provided through the Gather.Town platform. More info and link coming soon.

See you soon!