Aug. 12th at 1pm


Auditorium | August 12 | 1:00 pm CDT

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Sidney San Martín

A generative, collaborative song. Bring your phones or laptops.

Sidney San Martín, conductor

Audience, orchestra

The Pathless Woods

Kristen Volness

Written in December 2020, amidst peak burnout and COVID spike, The Pathless Woods is a stream-of-consciousness reflection on this critical moment when we have awakened to an opportunity to reimagine the world together. Our priorities have come into focus, new paths forward have been illuminated, a hopeful spirit rises, and as much as action is overdue and necessary, we must also rest and gather strength to navigate difficult times ahead.

Verdant Vibes

EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks, violin and kick drum

Piero Guimaraes, vibraphone | | |

ICD-10CM R55

The Honourable Elizabeth A. Baker

Kyle Hutchins, saxophones |

Giving / Afraid of the Dark Now

Zack Baltich

Giving and Afraid of the Dark now are two related pieces written in 2020. Giving, written for my duo with guitar player Ilan Blanck, is an exercise in making something and putting it into the world without expecting anything in return. Afraid of the Dark Now, written and recorded in a former paper mill in Michigan, considers how to transform spaces that aren’t intended for music and how to absorb the history and feeling of a place into sound.

Zack Baltich, percussion and electronics | Youtube Zack Baltich | Instagram @zackbaltichmusic