Aug. 12th at 8pm


Auditorium | August 12 | 8:00 pm CDT

“Moon” from Tilda

Mary Prescott

Tida explores intergenerational cultural identity through my Thai maternal lineage. “Moon” is a meditation on my mother’s name (meaning “clusters of moons”). The piano is prepared to emulate the sound of Thai temple gongs. An original poem, whispered text and a film of the moon slowly passing across the sky reflect my mother’s silent and barely noticeable transformation as she assimilated into American culture.

Mary Prescott, piano

World Premiere of “Pincushion Protea”

Stephanie Ann Boyd

Marianne Parker

The Persistence of Art Music: COVID works for Clarinet

8 Months

Jessi Harvey

Written for clarinet and loop pedal, "Od-ieu" is an angsty ode to time the composer spent living in Montreal. This music explores emotions associated with nostalgia---grief, anger, denial, acceptance, etc. In many ways, it feels like an elegy to past versions of oneself.


Kim Farris-Manning

"8 Months'" for acting bass clarinetist uses spoken word, choreography, extended techniques and structured improvisation to depict what it felt like to be a musician during the first eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic. All spoken word text comes directly from news headlines during this time (and, as a result, may be potentially distressing for some listeners). This piece tells the story of 2020 through pointedly absurd, sometimes serious, often confusing, and quite moving music.

Julia Loughleed | |

In Between

Yu Kuwabara

I am always trying to find an answer which intermediates in-between contexts: the past and the present; Japan and the rest of the world; language, sound, and music. In this piece, I tried to integrate two time fields, consisting of two kinds of music, each of which has its own character—like changing between two channels. We start by listening to the first music, but it is interrupted by the second. The interruptions appear more and more often. Finally, the second music gets the upper hand.

Patti Cudd, percussion

Jeffery Kyle Hutchins, saxophone

Shannon Wettstein Sadler, piano | | | |


Ryan McMasters

Performed by Audience

phonetinus_ is a piece for any number of cellphones, tablets, and laptops. each performer becomes a member of a species of digital firefly and is encouraged to move around the performance space to experience the unique sights and sounds of the cluster performance. phonetinus_ was made possible with the generous support of the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.