Aug. 13th at 1pm


Auditorium | August 13 | 1:00 pm CDT


Ron Coulter

Ron Coulter and Craig Hill will present a 20” improvisation for percussion and electronics. Their music is highly idiosyncratic and non-referential, often utilizing found objects and junk (plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc.) incorporated with traditional musical instruments played with extended techniques and various electronics.


Ron Coulter, drum set, percussion & electronics

Craig Hill, drum set, percussion & electronics

For What, For Whom


For What, For Whom consists of five short movements for chamber ensemble, each being composed by a member of the ensemble. Using their own combination of methods of composition, medium, and performance, Girlnoise comes together to present a personal mosaic of individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences about money’s strange role in each of our lives.

Girlnoise is an all-women mixed chamber ensemble dedicated to uplifting women’s voices in contemporary classical and improvisatory music.

Mary Fortino, clarinet

Kate von Bernthal, saxophone

Amanda Ross, trumpet

Emelyn Bashour, violin

Wesley Hornpetrie, cello

The National Coin Shortage

John Dorhauer

One of the lesser effects of COVID-19 was a national coin shortage. This exacerbated a trend away from coins, which has broader implications on the evolving perception of value in society. “The National Coin Shortage” encourages audience members to participate in the performance through a provided supply of coins and a series of indeterminate rhythmic gestures, thus creating a communal experience that finds beauty in something perceived to have lost value.

John Dorhauer, coins

Volunteer audience members, coins