Aug. 14th at 10am


Mears Park | August 14 | 10:00 am CDT

Live Coding as Anti-Capitalist Music Making

A deep look through a Marxist lens at the principles, techniques, and aesthetics of live coding, the act of writing and rewriting code in real-time to generate improvised electronic music. We'll be talking about what live coding is, how it eschews traditional capitalist hierarchies inherent in other forms of music-making, and how you can get involved (even with no experience writing code!).

James Parker

Radio and Podcasting in the New Music Ecosystem

A panel discussion on the role of noncommercial, independent radio and podcasting in the new music ecosystem. Radio and podcasting connect members of the public with music they would be unlikely to be exposed to on algorithmic platforms like Spotify, provide insightful context and commentary, and help build an audience for live concerts and encourage sales via platforms like Bandcamp providing decent compensation to musicians.

Katy Henriksen

Alley Stoughton

Doug Bielmeier

Maggie Molloy