Aug. 14th at 5pm


Studio Z | August 14 | 5:00 pm CDT

Zeitgeist Performs Minnesota Composers

Tipping Point

Scott L. Miller

Tipping Point is full of energy, at once physically uncoordinated yet beautifully graceful. Straining to be heard, yet frustrated by attempts to articulate complex thoughts, the physical gesture is found to be the most direct means of communication. Ultimately, peace.


Katherine Bergman

Black depicts a walk through the dense forests of the Minnesota Northwoods in the dead of night. Surrounded by complete darkness, the sounds of the forest are magnified and the mystery of the wilderness intensified.


Shruthi Rajasekar

Dots references the sense of disconnection from community that we have experienced during the pandemic, the phrase “dots on the page” (a dry, if efficient, way of referring to music), how those “dots”, to non-sight-readers, can be quite intimidating, and, finally, feelings of smallness this past year and the poignant togetherness within that.

Summer Rain / Morning Dew

Nirmala and Shruthi Rajasekar

Summer Rain was written by Nirmala Rajasekar and Morning Dew was written by Shruthi Rajasekar in 2010 during Zeitgeist's annual composer workshop.

Heather Barringer, percussion

Patti Cudd, percussion

Nikki Melville, piano

Pat O’Keefe, woodwinds

Scott Miller, kyma

Nirmala Rajasekar, voice and veena | | | |

The Sonoglyph Collective

The Sonoglyph Collective performs their unique blend of music and poetry in a special performance interrogating the theme of money.

IBé Kaba, poet

Lynette Reini-Grandell, poet

Hawona Sullivan Janzen, poet

Kathryn Kysar, poet

Sean Egan, clarinet

Jonathan Townsend, percussion

Aaron Kerr, cello