Aug. 14th at 7pm


Mears Park | August 14 | 7:00 pm CDT

Consolation (excerpts)

Samn Johnson

"Consolation" is a song cycle on Latin poetry from Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy, composed by Samn Johnson (he/him) for vocalist Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Carhart (they/them). It is intended to be realized as an album, with Sasha singing multiple vocal parts accompanied by Samn's electronics and instrumental recordings. Boethius wrote the source book in 523 AD while awaiting execution. It is a moving pursuit of meaning and consolation in a world that is often unfair and cruel.

Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Carhart, voice

Samn Johnson, electronics |

Contrasts: Music for clarinet and electronics

Middle Eastern Flashes

Aurés Moussong

"The piece takes as its main element a narrative in a form of hints, memories and images through the audio samples, processed and transformed, which were recorded by the composer during a visit he made to the Middle East in 2006. The work is a portrait of the diversity and coexistence of various entities in the same space, with anonymous characters interspersed throughout the work, whose voices and thoughts were shared to the composer." A. Moussong

No Matter What

Beth Weimann


Sang Mi Ahn

"I was interested in the interaction between the intrinsic qualities of electronic and acoustic mediums. In this piece, I used the electronics and Bb Clarinet as equal partners to take turns in background and foreground roles and to create timbral illusions. There are two main ideas: trills or noodling figurations, and sustained notes. These are mutated into each other throughout the piece. The overflowing of recorded sounds at the climax is morphed into the live clarinet at the end. Most of electronic sound materials used in the piece are a manipulation of various wind instruments." Sang Mi Ahn

Thiago Ancelmo

Headliner: Recap

Recap is a new percussion quartet from a new generation of musicians dedicated to music reflecting the diverse society we live in today. Arlene Acevedo, Alexis Carter, Tiahna Sterling and Aline Vasquez, four musicians from Rahway, NJ, forms Recap through music, friendship and a desire to share their unique story. As recent alumni of Mantra Youth Percussion, the free-tuition teenage ensemble of Mantra Percussion, Inc., the members of Recap worked closely for several years with different music creators, performing both in their community as well as nationally, learning skills that would provide the groundwork for establishing their own group.

Now as a newly-formed professional ensemble, Recap headlines the 2021 New Music Gathering in St. Paul, MN and releases their debut album “Count to Five” on Innova Recordings with premiere recordings of music by Angelica Negron, Allison Loggins-Hull, Ellen Reid, Lesley Flanigan, Mary Kouyoumdjian, and Caroline Shaw. Recap will showcase select pieces from the album at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, IN in November 2021, continuing with winter and spring 2022 dates across the country.

In July 2022, Recap will embark on a tour in the Kenai Peninsula and Alaskan Beringia regions to perform a work created through interdisciplinary artistic collaborations with indigineous artists that address the cultural, economic, and environmental challenges faced by the Alaskan Beringia region while celebrating its incredible cultural and biological diversity and natural beauty. This project is in collaboration with Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation, The Wildshore Festival for New Music, with financial support provided by the National Parks Service.

Arlene Acevedo

Alexis Carter

Tiahna Sterling

Aline Vasquez

War Footing

Andrea Mazzariello, Brady Lenzen, JC Sanford

I (Andrea) made these songs with the intention of recording/performing them myself, but then the project opened up, through a series of wonderful coincidences and invitations, into co-creative processes. This is one version of an excerpted set of songs. Many more coming!

Andrea Mazzariello, voice, keyboards, electronics

Brady Lenzen, bass

JC Sanford, trombone

Live Code Set

Melody Loveless