Aug. 15th at 10am


Cyberspace | August 15 | 10:00 am CDT

Real Music Wages Database: A New Tool for Transparency and Solidarity

The Real Music Wages Database is a new online tool that allows musicians to anonymously share information about their gigs. RMWD is a project of the New Music Organizing Caucus, an assembly of music workers that advocates for transparency, solidarity, equity, and inclusion in the field of new music. By creating this new tool for our community, we aim to bring an enhanced degree of transparency to a labor force for whom it is generally extremely challenging to ascertain even basic information about the norms and standards of wages and working conditions in their field. We believe that we all stand to benefit from mutually sharing this vital information that can empower individual music workers, while also helping to generate a broader conversation about how presenters and ensembles can engage with musicians in an ethical and equitable manner.

Join members from the Wages Committee of the New Music Organizing Caucus to learn about the genesis of this project, more details about its structure and inner workings, and statistical data trends gleaned from existing RMWD entries. The session will conclude with a group discussion open to all participants.

New Music Organizing Caucus

Money Mindset Panel

A panel exploring the most common stories we tell ourselves about money and the arts, and how we can break out of those limiting beliefs; the ways money and artistic identity intersect; the artist as entrepreneur; and what it means to “make a living” in the arts. Led by Sarah Hawkey, Megan Ihnen, Allyssa Jones, Sara Noble, and Ashley Shabankareh.

Sarah Hawkey

Megan Ihnen

Allyssa Jones

Sara Noble

Ashley Shabankareh