Aug. 15th at 1pm

Two Parallel Streams

Stream 1: Talking

Cyberspace | August 15 | 1:00 pm CDT

Q&A for Consolation: trans monastic microtonal dungeon

Sasha Kaoru Zamler-Cahart

Samn Johnson |

Holding Patterns: Sharing about the “less productive” time

For many musicians, restrictions on live performance caused by COVID created a period of exploration and shifts that looked very different from the usual rhythm of concerts, albums, and otherwise. These “holding patterns” (sometimes) kept us sane, motivated, and moving forward in a really static time. In this activity, folks will have a space to share (anonymously or not) their own “holding patterns” and reflect on how they might inform or change their future practice or perspective.

Patti Kilroy

Always Learning: What the Pandemic Can Teach Us

Golden Hornet

Vigorous Tenderness

An experimental outdoor distanced concert series to reimagine music-making during the pandemic and beyond.

Kallie Sugatski

The LD Musician: How to accommodate learning disabilities in music

Evan Tucker

Stream 2: Talking

Cyberspace | August 15 | 1:00 pm CDT

Fundraising Panel: Convening Grassroots and Anchor Institutions

Zack Sheets

Guided Discussion: Starting and Sustaining Your Collective

Members of New Downbeat will lead a guided discussion on starting and sustaining your own collective or ensemble. As a young new music collective themselves, New Downbeat will share their experiences and welcome a transparent discussion about the obstacles money presents when forging your own path in music.

New Downbeat is a new music collective featuring women musicians who perform music exclusively by living composers.

New Downbeat

Caroline Sackleh

Alexis Shambley

Camellia Aftahi

Grace Choi

Nicolas Bizub