Aug. 15th at 3pm


Cyberspace | August 15 | 3:00 pm CDT

saenghwang solo improvisation


During the continuing Covid-19 global pandemic, we in NY have been confined to home for nearly a year. In Last year March, life came to an abrupt halt. As a full-time freelance musician, with all concerts cancelled, including my Carnegie Hall début, I was limited to composition and solo practice. Music became my only form of prayer and I wanted to discover new inspirational sounds in New York City.

Unsafe (At Any Speed)

Roshanne Etezady

Aligning with NMG's 2021 theme of money, “Unsafe At Any Speed," a study in kinetic energy, tackles the greed of the auto industry. Composer Roshanne Etezady uses Ralph Nader’s 1965 non-fiction book accusing car manufacturers of being unwilling to spend money on safety features as her inspiration. The music’s “motor” is constantly running with 16th notes, brake drum, police whistle, and sounds reminiscent of traffic and honking horns.

Primary Duo

Sarah Bob, piano

Aaron Trant, percussion | |

summoned, arrival

Kevin Madison

summoned, arrival (2021), “a gay summoning spell,” is a short work for unusual solo percussion by composer-performer Kevin Madison.

It was written for Reed Puleo with support from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance Eileen Weiser EXCEL Fund.

Reed Puleo, percussion | Youtube Reed Puleo


Dylan A. Marcheschi

Drone for three sine waves in just intonation.

All harmonics generated via feedback and cross-modulation.

Contains low-frequency content which will be inaudible on laptop/phone speakers.

Accompanying visual consists of audio reactive feedback.

Dylan A. Marcheschi, analog synthesis

Mná na hÉireann Irish female composers


Irene Buckley

Arbores Erimus

Finola Merivale

theme from

Jennifer Walshe

Hiding out ‘neath the Everything

Ailís Ní Ríain

here comes another one

Karen Power

Darragh Morgan, violin

Mary Dullea, piano | | | |