Aug. 17th at 1pm

Stream 1: Concert

Cyberspace | August 17 | 1:00 pm CDT

Pocket Operas

Rhymes with Opera

In the summer of 2020, the Rhymes With Opera: Pocket Opera Workshop went virtual! Nine composers composed and produced monodramas – micro operas – for RWO’s resident vocalists. The online format allowed us to work with composers all over the world, and was, way back in June, our first foray into workshopping music over Zoom, creating at-home recordings, and exploring cloud-based collaboration. We had a blast!

We are delighted to premiere six of those monodramas here at the New Music Gathering.

Amy Brandon, Composer

Lisa Neher, Composer

Matthew Sullivan, Composer

Ashley Seward, Composer

Kory Reeder, Composer

Jamie Klenetsky Fay, Composer

Elisabeth Halliday-Quan, Soprano

Bonnie Lander, Soprano

Robert Maril, Baritone

Space Station 189: a micro opera for Instagram

JL Marlor, Aiden K. Feltkamp

Space Station 189 envisions a protagonist forced to work a 300-day solo assignment doing manual labor on an industrial space station. Exhausted, isolated, and ignored by indifferent superiors on Earth, they begin to hear terrifying noises that they cannot explain. Reinventing the operatic form to fit into Instagram reels, the story unfolds over seven 1-minute episodes.

Lisa Neher, mezzo soprano

Brett Paschal, drums

Chris Whyte, electronic percussion ||

reflected tides

Paul Novak, Ira Goga

“reflected tides” is a multi-movement song cycle for soprano and chamber ensemble which pairs a short section from the end of Walt Whitman’s “As I Ebb’d With the Ocean of Life” with a set of new short poems from poet Ira Goga which engage with and respond to the Whitman. In placing these two texts side-by-side, the piece investigates the American idealism of the late 19th century at a moment of disillusionment and crisis.

BlackBox Ensemble

Ruston Ropac, Soprano

Annie Nikunen, Flute

Tyler Neidermayer, Clarinet

Lara Lewison, Violin

Dudley Raine, Viola

Jordan Bartow, Bass

Jixue Yang, Piano

jc (Jon Clancy,) Percussion

Leonard Bopp, Conductor