Aug. 17th at 3pm


Cyberspace | August 17 | 3:00 pm CDT

Dispersions in Watercolour

Angela Elizabeth Slater

Dispersions in Watercolour explores ideas the ways that the colour of watercolour paints dissipates across a canvas. When you initially make a mark on a canvas the colour is rich, before seeping away on the contours of the surface texture, creating delicate branches of fading colour. It was with this in mind that Dispersions in Watercolour was written.

The Stream Flows

Bright Sheng

The first part of “The Stream Flows” is based on a well-known Chinese folk song from the southern part of China. The freshness and the richness of the tune deeply touched me when I first heard it. Since then I have used it as basic materials in several of my works. Here I hope that the resemblance of the timbre and the tone quality of a female folk singer is evoked by the solo violin. The second part is a fast country dance based on a three-note motive.

Kyra Davies, violin | |

Music Buys Not Only Power But Culture

Kathryn Blake

“Money Buys Not Only Power But Culture” is designed to spark discussion about the limited access many marginalized groups have to music education, as well as the rampant classism, elitism, and white-centrism that creates barriers in the world of classical music. The work is broken into three instrumental movements, featuring spoken interludes and a finale.

The Achelois Collective

Anna Wilkens-Reed, flute

Victoria Moreira, flute

Nicole Sonneveld, bassoon

Claire Niederberger, violin

Jade Garcia, clarinet

Sarah Christianson, percussion

Katya Barmotina, viola