Aug. 17th at 5pm

Stream 1: Concert

Cyberspace | August 17 | 5:00 pm CDT

cloudy water conflux

Patrick Grant, Gregory Oakes, Kate von Bernthal, Ryne Siesky, Patti Kilroy, George Lam, Daniel Reyes Llinas, Ting Luo, Michael Roth, Gloria Damijan, Ron Coulter, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, John Ferrari

This piece will never be finished. It is a process, like an equation. Its outcome is variable, like a game of chess. What is presented in this premiere is only but one run, one outcome, out of many possible compositions. Structures found in blockchain are of unlimited potential as are the structures we can musically map. In short, it is a search for a new autonomy. I hope the music here sounds as wonderful to you as all the musicians were that I worked with in making it possible. Thank you all!

Gregory Oakes, clarinet

Kate von Bernthal, alto & soprano saxophone

Ryne Siesky, trumpet

Patti Kilroy, violin

George Lam, violin

Daniel Reyes Llinas, electric guitar

Ting Luo, piano

Michael Roth, keyboard

Gloria Damijan, piano & toy piano

Ron Coulter, vibraphone & percussion

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, electric upright bass

John Ferrari, drum set & percussion

Patrick Grant, additional electric guitar

Processing the American Dream

Ellis Island

Meredith Monk

"Ellis Island" is a video installation that I specifically created for NYC based Choreographer and Composer Meredith Monk's solo piano work, which I have performed often in live (and virtual) settings as part of my "Ensemble in Process" concert series that I started in the UK in May of 2017. The vintage footage that were used in the installation were assembled from the documentary "Island of Hope - Island of Tears: The Story of Ellis Island (2004 GPI Films).

Get Rich Quick

Ian Dicke

"Dear Friend,

In less than one year, I’ve been able to amass a personal net worth of over one million dollars. And I did so using a unique formula that’s been proven successful week after week—month after month with no signs of slowing down. This formula is not a scheme or a scam…and this has nothing to do with anything you’d be ashamed to be involved in. The claims I’m making are factual and they are all based on my personal experience. Just pay those bills when it comes in!"

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

Brian Mark

"Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" was created in response to COVID-19, a verse taken from Emma Lazarus’s 1883 poem “The New Colossus." The landscape of American citizens wearing masks in public was a stark contrast from Lazarus’s plea to “breathe free." I experimented with various techniques and textural ranges of this instrument before creating the video art, as the material contracting and expanding throughout the work symbolizes the poet’s metaphor from this particular verse.

Brian Mark, piano, delay pedal processing

Luke Gullickson, pianist

Kate Alexandrite, video artist

Cole Bartels trombone | | | | |

Selections from “Cedar”

Kaley Lane Eaton

"Controlled Burn" and "Smoke" are the first two singles from composer/producer/singer-songwriter Kaley Lane Eaton's upcoming solo album, "cedar", an apocalyptic chamber-pop explosion exploring themes of climate, destruction, time, fire, and resistance.

Kaley Lane Eaton, vocals, piano, producer

Heather Bentley, electric 7-string violin

Leanna Keith, flutes |

Stream 2: Concert

Cyberspace | August 17 | 5:00 pm CDT


Elischa Kaminer, An-Laurence Higgins

"Chants d'amour" is a dream-like, highly poetic and gentle work for guitar and voice written for An-Laurence and composed in close collaboration with her. The piece is made of many small movements, most of them under 2 minutes, inspired and built from various musical materials related to care and affection, including an improvisation on a cat's purr, a philosophical folk song, a renaissance love song and a song for An-Laurence's friend from her teenage years whom she regrets losing touch with.

Elischa Kaminer, electronics, synthesizer, mixing

An-Laurence Higgins, guitar, singer, spoken words, video

Queer Ears Mastering, mastering

Stéphane Claude, audio recording

No Hay Banda, production

Special thanks to Maxime Daigneault and Véronique Girard |