Aug. 17th at 8pm


Cyberspace | August 17 | 8:00 pm CDT

Being Still

The Doorway

Nick Vasallo

my teeth are whitest when my mouth is shut

Joshua Marquez

"Often I am asked to be seen, not heard. I find that my teeth are whitest, when my mouth is shut. My experiences are swallowed by fragility.

The thunderous roar that reverberates is too muffled to discern the source, but the borders are merely the shadows of giants, towering above."

U & I

yaz lancaster


Aeryn Santillan

for ciyadh

Julie Zhu

Ciyadh Wells, Guitar

Jamie Monck, Guitar | | |

3 Songs

Ana Macho

Two Works

Demystifying the Narrative

Cecilia Suhr

Reflecting on the turbulent and notable year of 2020, this performance critically explores the dominant narratives in the cultural and media landscape through an abstract voice improvisation and audio-visual installation which was created as a handmade e-textile interactive instrument. Overall, this work captures the sounds of repetition, repudiation, contradiction, and omission while representing chaos, instability, fear, despair, and the outcry of collective and individual voices.

The Fate of the Dollar

Cecilia Suhr

This interactive electronics and cello/violin improvisation explores the looming concerns about fiat currency creation linked to the Covid 19 pandemic and the potential impact on people’s livelihoods and lifestyles. In this work, I reflect on a wide range of emotions tied to the current economy ranging from uncertainty, urgency, volatility, anxiety, and the rising concern on inflation and the fate of the dollar.

Cecilia Suhr, cello, violin


Danielle McPhatter, Eli Trakhtenberg

In a surprising & entertaining moment early this year, members of communities on Reddit created a large disruption in the trend of historically wealthy people profiting extensively through trading, in which the motive seemed to be more social than economic. In the face of those who had historically had access to large amounts of capital, internet community members had memed their way into ‘winning’. By collecting this data and sonifying & visualizing it, we hope to frame this moment creatively.

Danielle McPhatter

Eli Trakhtenberg