Aug. 18th at 10am

Stream 1: Talking

Cyberspace | August 18 | 10:00 am CDT

Hurdy Gurdy Can! Composition and collaboration with the hurdy gurdy

Eugene, Oregon based composer/pianist Paul Safar will join with Catalan hurdy gurdist Marc Egea in a lecture/demo about composing for the hurdy gurdy.The focus of the presentation is the premiere of Paul’s trio for gurdy, bass clarinet and cajon called “Pendulum Palindrome-La Ruta Natural”. This will be in the form of a video performance recently pre recorded. Marc will also share a short demonstration of the instrument including some solo samples of his own music. The gurdy, aka, viola de roda or zanfona, has a rich history in folk traditions and early classical music but is perhaps underutilized and under appreciated in today's contemporary music scene. Hopefully this presentation will help in making its presence more known.

Paul Safar

Marc Egea

Flauto d'Amore Project: A New Voice in Collaboration

The Flauto d’Amore Project is a large-scale, long-term commissioning project to develop and build a repertoire for the flauto d’amore, an instrument that in its modern form has been entirely unknown until now. We are working actively with composers to explore the possibilities of this instrument through collaboration, not just on the writing of new pieces but on what the instrument is capable of.

Flauto d'Amore Project

Nathan Hudson, Executive Director

Ginevra Petrucci, Artistic Director

The Use of Native American Musics and Poetic Images In My Compositions

A presentation on the incorporation of Native American music and poetic images in my compositions: IMAGE MUSIC for Flute, Oboe, Trombone and Contrabass, ONE by ONE for Flute and Harp, WIND RIVER COUNTRY for Woodwind Quintet ,TOMORROW ON YESTERDAY for Harp, NATIVE AMERICAN NOTES - The Bitter Roots of Peace for String Quartet, and DON”T WE for Clarinet in A plus discussion on some of the problems of utilizing Native American Musics in an art music context.

Greg A Steinke

Stream 2: Talking

Cyberspace | August 18 | 10:00 am CDT

Artist-Centered Curation & Compensation

We will share about the production process of, and show examples from, our 2020 digital festival, ChamberQUEERantine. We will discuss how it centered artists in terms of curation and compensation, and discuss how this model could become an equitable framework in which to engage and pay artists.


How Much Do Composers Get Paid?

We, composers David Farrell and Loretta Notareschi, recognize that composers are often confused about how much to ask for in commission fees. Nobody knows how much anyone gets paid, and people are embarrassed to talk about it. So, in 2019 we ran a survey of U.S. composers to ask about commission pay. In this presentation, we’ll present our methods and results. We hope this will help lead to more transparency and less confusion for composers and commissioners.

Loretta Notareschi

David Farrell

Recent Trends in Composition Calls and Competitions

Through my presentation "Recent Trends in Composition Calls and Competitions," I will give an in-depth analysis of current composition opportunities through a statistical analysis of over four-hundred indexed opportunities in the last four years.

Ryne Siesky

Challenges and Opportunities in New Music

Members of The Arc Project will be discussing the challenges in new music that young musicians currently face, as well as how to create opportunities that are open and accessible. This panel will discuss financial and artistic issues, with the aim of promoting ethical ways to create opportunities for all.

The Arc Project