Aug. 18th at 1pm


Cyberspace | August 18 | 1:00 pm CDT

A Bee in the Hollow

Jessica Mays, Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs

Commissioned & premiered by New Gallery Concert Series, Jessica Mays's inspiration started with the peaceful, haunting quality of Rashon Briggs’s photos, with their cold natural landscape & delicate beauty of the cotton boll. 2020: a year of uprooting, turmoil and loss. This deafening uncertainty resonated deep in Mays's chest, buzzing like a bee trapped inside a well. "A Bee in the Hollow" is four mediations inspired by the natural world's evocative stillness & the ubiquity of groundlessness.

Cotton Comes Home Documentary and Soundtrack

Aaron Trant, Freddie Hendrix, Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs

Photographer/educator Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs discusses his series "Cotton Comes Home" set to music by trumpeter Freddie Hendrix & percussionist Aaron Trant commissioned by New Gallery Concert Series. In accordance with NMG's 2021 theme, the work addresses money as it relates to a grim national past. The fact that cotton was shipped across the globe giving America its prominence & financial impact on free, slave labor is still relevant today.

Sarah Bob, piano

Rashon “Rah-Lik” Briggs, artist

Freddie Hendrix, trumpet

Aaron Trant, percussion | | | |

the girl who cried pain: a theme & variations

Ruby Fulton

This piece is a musical reflection on pain, pain relief, the perception of pain, and the effect of one's gender on being believed about pain. It is about physical pain such as that experienced by flutist Anatolia Evarkiou-Kaku, whose difficult experience in finding treatment and relief for sciatica as a young woman within the healthcare system served as the starting point for this music. It is also about the emotional pain caused by a culture of violence and violent language levied at women.

5th Wave Collective

Anatolia Evarkiou-Kaku, flute

Carmen Abelson, violin

Rebecca McDaniel, vibraphone |

Interlocking Colors (2020)

Bill Pfaff

Duo Extreme, a collaboration between Delaware-based clarinetist Christopher Nichols and Trinidad-based percussionist Joshua Watkins, connects the traditional sounds of early Calypso street bands with the cutting-edge sonorities of Trinidad and Tobago’s national instrument, the steelpan. Duo Extreme is actively engaged in the commissioning of new literature for clarinet and percussion and has premiered works by Daniel Adams and William Pfaff.

Interlocking Colors was commissioned by Duo Extreme, Christopher Nichols (clarinet) and Joshua Watkins (tenor steel pan). The work divides into two sections. The opening is lyrical, with both instruments trading melodic material. The contrasting section is a series of chorale statements embellished with quotes of the earlier lyrical material. Both sections explore the timbral possibilities of the ensemble. For example, in the opening, rhythmic and melodic unisons offer wide timbral variations. In the chorale statements, clarinet long tones are surrounded by steel pan chords, and in some instances, the steel pan may double a given clarinet pitch.

Duo Extreme

Christopher Nichols, clarinet

Joshua Watkins, steelpan | |


José Martínez

This collaboration explores sounds and movements from traditional Colombian music as they reappear into the synthetic sonic world of electronics, accompanied by a reinterpreted and abstract movement. Seeking to preserve the tradition, this proposed mutation also looks for an alternative meaning; one that doesn’t overwrite that past, but that expands upon its own definition.

Laura Moreno, Dancer

Sara Martínez, Art

Art Assistant, Sergio Lasso

Video, Más Juan (La Ruta Studio) || |