Aug. 18th at 9am

Activity / Discussion

Cyberspace | August 18 | 9:00 pm CDT

Privilege for Sale


“Privilege for Sale” is designed to prompt discussion around the role privilege plays in granting or limiting access to arts opportunities, encourage participants to reflect on their own privilege (or lack thereof), and inspire actionable strategies to enhance accessibility in the arts.

Activity Rules:

“You will be given a list of privileges which directly affect your ability to participate in the professional music community. For the purposes of this exercise, you do not have any of the privileges included on this list. Since we have removed these privileges from you, you must buy back privileges from us. Each privilege costs $100. After you are split into small groups, I will randomly distribute differing amounts of money to each group, which you will use to buy privileges from the list. You will have 30 minutes to decide what privileges you’d like to buy. After you’ve made your final selections, we will return to the larger group and debrief."