Aug. 16th at 1pm


Cyberspace | August 16 | 1:00 pm CDT


Olivia Short

“Listen to the water, remember, you’re the only one who can hear. You’re the only one hearing its story”

bagaskaadagaazii /bagaskaadagaazii-/: /bagask-/ hit against with a splat or slapping sound; /-aadagaazii/ s/he wades

At the time of this work's creation (2020/2021), there are numerous Indigenous reservations all over Turtle Island that don’t have access to clean drinking water.

The work is made up of four audio scores and playback track and can be interpreted by any number of performers.

Orbit Duo

Aliayta Foon-Dancoes, violin

Isidora Nojkovic, cello |


Carole Kim, Gloria Damijan, Scott L. Miller, Luisa Muhr, Jon Raskin

Dilate Ensemble is an audio-visual collective, reaching over the ether from 5 different locations. There is an exploratory ease to Dilate Ensemble's spontaneous exchange. The title AERIAL refers to the desire for the long view, the perspective that allows for both observation from a distance and inspired understanding in charting one's course.

With text excerpt: ""Meghom"" by Carla Harryman.

AERIAL was first presented at Indiana University and at SEAMUS Conference (Stanford University) in 2021.

Dilate Ensemble

Carole Kim, micro video installation

Gloria Damijan, extended toy pianos, percussion

Scott L. Miller, kyma

Luisa Muhr, voice

Jon Raskin, sax, voice, concertina, electronics, recycled materials

The Entangling Turner

Ka Hei Cheng

The Entangling Turner is a piece that adopts accelerometer and gyroscope in the building of motion sensor through Arduino. It detects movements in X, Y, and Z axes, and sends the numbers to the patches in Max. The continuously changing data from the motion sensor would trigger programming events and control the parameters of audio signal processing.

Ka Hei Cheng

Electrifying Guitar Repertoire

Duo Charango