Aug. 16th at 3pm

Stream 1: Talking

Cyberspace | August 16 | 3:00 pm CDT

Composer Collective Panel Discussion

Starting a composer collective is an exciting proposition, but also a daunting one. Much of what makes the process intimidating has to do with money. How does fundraising work? Do you have to maintain a budget? Should you incorporate as a 501(c)3? And what are the potential benefits of starting a collective, anyway? These are questions for which many young composers are unprepared.

In this panel discussion, representatives from three composer collectives - ICEBERG New Music, Kinds of Kings, and Tesselat - will describe their experiences starting and maintaining this type of organization. The conversation will center around the idea of durability: what does it take to successfully maintain a collective through multiple projects in multiple seasons? How should a collective approach budgeting to make sure it remains viable from year to year? How can we allocate the funds we have in a way that promotes artistic excellence and social justice?

ICEBERG New Music, Tesselat, Kinds of Kings | |

Midnight Oil Collective

A panel discussion about the worker self-directed enterprise model, and the possibilities it holds for economic equity in the arts.

Edwin Joseph

Frances Pollock

Stream 2: Talking

Cyberspace | August 16 | 3:00 pm CDT

Presentation of Oberlin Arts & Sciences Orchestra’s Zoom commission

The Oberlin Arts and Sciences Orchestra commissioned Ralph Lewis to compose a work titled ""Straight into Tangles"" for full orchestra to be performed entirely on Zoom.

Deliberate straight lines and clear, unblended colors (inspired by the rigor of Mondrian) are performed into Zoom, and unstable, uncertain, scuffed, tangled sounds return.

Conductor Tiffany Chang, along with Ralph Lewis and orchestra members, will discuss the process and share a portion of the final recording from April 2021.

Tiffany Chang & Oberlin Arts of Sciences Orchestra

Producing Opera in the Time of COVID

Representatives of the opera company, Strange Trace, will be discussing our journey in translating and redefining the operatic experience for the digital sphere.

Strange Trace

Felix Aguilar Tomlinson

Elena Stabile