Aug. 16th at 8pm


Cyberspace | August 16 | 8:00 pm CDT

Smash & Grab

Rusty Banks, Andy Babin

I am putting together a consortium for snare and media works that aim to be (1) good music (2) fun for the performer, and (3) conspicuously…intentional. Two sketches are presented here. Video artist Andy Babin’s visuals begin lyrically, with effects audio-triggered and generated in real time. Andy switches to a more stark lighting design for an impactful effect befitting the sonic brutality of the second half. A deeply heartfelt thanks to 4Wall Entertainment and Clair Global for their support.

Mark DeMull


Alex Temple

Yi-Ting Lu's ""Float"" for soprano and bassoon was written for the Pushback Collective in 2020. This commission was made possible by generous support from the International Double Reed Society.

The texts are an extract from ""The Waves"" by Virginia Woolf.


Elizabeth McNutt, flute

Shannon Wettstein, piano | | |

through a fragile traverse

Dana Jessen, Eli Stine

Through a Fragile Traverse is the result of a collaboration between performer-composer Dana Jessen and video artist Eli Stine. The work travels through unexplored terrain with mesmerizing visuals and other-worldly sounds, all largely informed through themes of vulnerability and impermanence.

Dana Jessen, bassoon |


Dave O Mahony

This piece is a visceral reaction to the events of the 2020/2021 pandemic, the isolation and disconnection the whole world felt and in particular it is a personal examination of insomnia induced by uncertainty, fear and the struggle with loss. It is a look inside, to see who is looking back.

Dave O Mahony